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Hello from Humboldt State Religious Studies!

Welcome to the Religious Studies Department

About our department

The Cal Poly Humboldt Department of Religious Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in the History of Religions, which some people call Comparative Religion. We use research methods from the Social Sciences and Humanities to understand the relationship between faith and reason, the role of religion and ethics in public life, and the causes of peace and conflict. We believe our sacred relationships with nature, history, God, truth, justice, beauty, or reason hold a collective power that motivates people in positive and negative ways.  Humans communicate meaning, purpose, and hope through mythic narratives and ritual performances in ways that sustain and build the world. We strive to be compassionate and impartial and we support the First Amendment.

The B.A. degree in Religious Studies provides classical Liberal Arts breadth for students to succeed in Medical School, Law School, Business School, Nursing, or Teaching Credential programs. Artists, counselors, engineers, accountants, and more will benefit by adding a second major.

We designed our major to be completed in one or two years to encourage study abroad, internships, work experience, second language, publications, and double-majors.

Our approach is international and multi-disciplinary, which means we collaborate with World Languages and Cultures, Geography, Environmental Studies, History, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Art. Join us to maximize your potential to thrive in a rapidly changing world.