RS 105 World Religions
RS 120 Exploring Religion: Theory and Methods
RS 300 Living Myths
NAS 302 Oral Literature & Oral Tradition
RS 351 Shamanism (alternating with RS 345 T'ai Chi Ch’uan)
RS 391 Religion in Tradition: Latino Religions (alternating with RS 332 Islam)
RS 393 Religion in Myth, Culture & Experience: Special Topics
RS 394 City of 10,000 Buddhas Weekend
RS 394 Zen Experiential Weekend
RS 394 Evangelical Christianity Experiential Weekend


RS 104 Asian Religions: Exploring Buddhism
RS 105 World Religions
AHSS 201 Evolution, Creation, and the Robot Apocalypse
RS 301 Religion in America
RS 306/HIST 306 God and Kings in the Ancient Near East
Abrahamic Elective: RS 330 Judaism or RS 320 Torah and Kabbalah or RS 321 New Testament or RS 331 Christianity
Asian Elective: RS 341 Spiritual Traditions of India or RS 340 Zen or RS 342 Buddhism or RS 322 Buddhist Texts or RS 323 Hindu Texts
RS 361 Environment and Religion
RS 394 City of 10,000 Buddhas Weekend
RS 394 Tibetan Buddhism Weekend
RS 394 Jewish Spirituality Weekend
RS 395 Senior Seminar

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 Quick Facts

  • Most courses are 3.0 units.
  • Sacred Texts (RS 322, RS 323, and RS 305) involve extra writing and are 4.0 units.
  • Experiential Weekends (RS 394) are 1.0 units and can be taken multiple times for credit.
  • Complete 33 units for the major or 18 units for the minor.
  • RS is designed to work as a double major option for students in Biology, Psychology and Anthropology. To see an example of a RS Major Academic Plan that is compatible with Biology, Psychology and Anthropology, click here.